Basic Dates and Facts about EMMA

EMMA – founded in 2000 – has successfully emerged to a huge community of Mobile Media Enthusiasts, Top-Class Mobile Media Specialists as well as committed Entrepreneurs. Within the last years EMMA became a fast growing community which is now established in more than 40 countries worldwide. In 2011 EMMA held more than 300 events with more than 20 000 cars competing.

EMMA has consistently focused on providing a neutral, trend-setting platform to promote and carry the fascinating world of custom made mobile media installations to consumers. Primarily specialized on car sound competitions EMMA´s activities are also focused on offering a professional communication panel to manufacturers and specialists to promote themselves and their products, and to gain best possible brand awareness. The partnership with Europe´s most important trade shows and sound & tuning events is a strong cornerstone of the EMMA Network. Sponsorship and support has always been linked to clearly defined projects.

EMMA benefits:

1. The Industry 2. The Installer 3. The Competitor 4. The Media 5. The Exhibitions

1. The Industry

The main benefit for the industry is EMMA’s independence. EMMA is promoting the subject “Mobile Media” as a high quality product and is continuously working on motivating car owners to invest into better equipment. In order to support EMMA’s commitment, some manufacturers have built Competition Teams like Team Pioneer, Team Brax, Team DLS etc.

In addition to this the brand names are communicated and promoted worldwide at all EMMA Events, on all CDs, in the internet and in the press.

A second benefit is that EMMA competitions help manufacturers on a technical level to develop their products (Source units with EMMA functions, Sound Quality Speaker Series, Amps, Cables etc.) So in some ways EMMA’s activities have also setup a challenge for Manufacturers.

As a third and most important benefit for the future EMMA is now able to offer the EMMA Academy. This project – started in autumn 2005 in Germany – is on the right track to reach its target to build up a network of highly professional certificated installers. Our objective is to gain a network of certified installers educated and certified by EMMA in each country in order to offer a high quality service to car manufacturers as well as to all customers.

This quality-concept is a significant key for the industry to restore proper retail channels. It will increase the market for all mobile media products likeDAB+, DVB-T, Navigation, Entertainment, and Pure Car Audio. As a special service EMMA offers product-statistics to all industry partners which show presence and success of their brands at competitions.

2. The Installer

The biggest problem most installers have is the fact that there is no independent source of information available and that in many cases they have no strategic background to advertise their enterprises to a large number of potential customers. EMMA competitions represent the absolute source of information – especially for those installers who are judges. There is no other platform where installers can see and learn everything about solutions, concepts and products in practice on a neutral situation free from commercial pressure. As a bonus the installer creates his own network inside the judge team and the competitors.

An additional advantage is that the installers also reach a professional image through the trophies won. Furthermore every skilled installer will be able to organise his own small competition in front of his shop for a small amount of money.

3. The Competitor

It is the nature of each individual to compete. The problem is always that a competition creates a small group of satisfied people and a huge group of unsatisfied people. EMMA has taken a number of steps to eliminate this situation. In the 90´s Car Audio Competition had been battles between philosophies, teams and countries. The EMMA Car Audio Competitions in contrast are “cool Events” with a party in the evening and no bad feeling for those who did not get a trophy. It was a key priority of EMMA from the beginning to stop the fighting and to create a sportmanship with respect for the work of others and the concept for competitors to develop their own Audio System to a higher level. Instead of arguments we have friendship among the competitors and in addition, the relationship between the judges and competitors are much more relaxed. In all Categories the judge must carefully explain his opinion about the competitors system and offer advice to help the competitor to move forward.

Last but not least the bigger EMMA Events like AMICOM or the annual Eurofinals are a “must” for everybody related to the competitor. In Europe EMMA reached the status of an intercultural association with more than 200 competitors from 25-30 nations at the Eurofinals.

4. The Media

A very important focus of EMMA is the continuous flow of information and the creation of interest for all media groups like Magazines, Newspapers, Radio and TV. On an international level EMMA even controls all published articles because it is EMMA who releases the information and pictures to the Press. We provide Competition Cars to journalists; we create attractions on events and in the end we take care that more interest is generated – which will have significant affect on the amount of readers sooner or later. Even a closer relation between the Tuning Magazines and EMMA is now going on because they are always looking for new concepts and new target groups. The main advantage is that press accepts EMMA as a Association speaking in the interest of the Mobile Media Industry, so it is possible to reach much more readers and visitors as the specific magazines are able to do.

5. The Exhibitions

At exhibitions it usually is quite hard to attract the public just by manufacturer booths. When hosting a competition an exhibition is able to show “real people with real cars”. A visitor at Car + Sound in Sinsheim for example is much more looking for the action around “real people with real cars” than looking for single products in a vitrine. Organisers like the management of AMICOM as well as other leading exhibitions are aware of that (100% Tuning Rotterdam, IFA Berlin, Tuningworld Bodensee, Moscow Motor Show, Cars for Everyone.). Also in Asia the first steps are done to become Partner of the leading exhibitions.

An EMMA Event at a huge Car- or Lifestyle Exhibition attracts all people and through EMMA’s own Network the flow of information about those events becomes international. EMMA already established a series of Major Events in several nations, always together with Car Shows and always at the same location and date.

A second advantage of EMMA is that EMMA Shows and competition are also gaining more exhibitors and more visitors. As an example: in Germany the amount of visitors on Exhibitions and shows have been more than 500 000 during the Year 2011. This great audience was confronted with the theme of mobile entertainment and fist positive effects have been seen on the Installers levels because of these activities managed by EMMA


As a resume the main targets of EMMA are:

a. Make Mobile Media more popular

b. Develop the quality of Installers and Installer Networks by education

c. Establishing EMMA as the essential world-wide platform for the Mobile Media Industry